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Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is an essential part of marketing any business online. Most consumers now do some level of internet research before making a purchase. They can find your product or service is necessary to grow your business and increase sales. An optimized website gives your company better visibility on search engines and will attract attention from consumers.

At Transparent Strategies, we use an ethical approach to search engine optimization and digital marketing that increases your ranking without you having to worry about potentially costly penalties from search engines that come with more careless methods. We have a team of experts on staff able to use search engine optimization on your website that will impact the growth of your business.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization, shortened to SEO, is the process of improving your website to increase its visibility during searches on search engines such as Google. The higher your web page ranks during searches, the more likely potential customers will find your product or service. SEO is vital in the growth of any business.

SEO focuses on increasing the amount of web traffic and improving the level of quality of that traffic. Quality in traffic is defined by the type of visitors your site is commonly attracting. Good search engine optimization will lead to consumers spending time on your website learning about your company, service, or product. Low-quality traffic may be based on accidental clicks, people visiting your site for the wrong reasons, or driven by bots.

At Transparent Strategies, we focus on increasing your organic traffic. Organic results are defined as clicks or search results that you don’t have to pay for. While purchasing sponsored links may get your business ranked higher quickly, many consumers avoid sponsored links. Organic SEO may take longer, but we invest that extra time and effort to give you the best quality of service possible.

Difference Between White Hat and Black Hat SEO?

Not all processes of search engine optimization are created equally. While SEO is vital to growing your business, many marketing agencies may implement strategies that will get you results quickly but may result in costly penalties. At Transparent Strategies, we focus on a high-quality, ethical approach to digital marketing that you can feel proud of and will get results.

Search Engine Optimization

White Hat SEO

A White Hat SEO approach focuses on following the policies and procedures of search engines such as Google to ensure that the content being produced does not violate their terms and agreements. This process takes longer to show results but allows you never to be concerned about facing costly penalization that can have an immense negative impact on your SEO in the future.

More effort goes into a white hat approach. We make sure your website is built the correct way from the very beginning, with proper meta and H1-H6 tags and valid schema markups on the backend. Most importantly, we verify that all the content on your website has the appropriate keywords and images needed to create organic traffic.

At Transparent Strategies, we believe that an ethical approach is needed to build a foundation of growth that will not only help your business now but in the future as well.

Black Hat SEO

A black hat SEO approach is often implemented by other agencies who care less about our business’ substantial growth and instead focus on a quick turnaround for faster payouts for themselves. Black hat SEO may violate a search engine’s terms and conditions by spamming or buying irrelevant backlinks, stuffing keywords, or using private link networks. 

This approach can often show immediate results, but over time it becomes clear that the real cost of these unethical practices is too high. Search engines often administer penalties to sites using black hat tactics that could permanently lower how well your website can rank. It also often leads to low-quality traffic, in which more people may click on your site but without affecting your sales.

What is the Difference between Black Hat and White Hat SEO

Frequently Asked Questions

SEO writing is the practice of producing high-quality content optimized to help your site rank higher on search engine results pages. This process begins before a word is even written. Every article posted to your site must be extensively researched to not only make sure the content is right but that the topic and keywords are optimized to get it higher visibility on search engines. 

We make sure that the article’s primary topic, as well as all additional subtopics, are relevant to your website, as well as high-quality keywords that will help you reach consumers. When we are producing content for your website, we often use long-tail keywords. These are more likely to bring the webpage to those who need it most and can get your website ranked higher, faster.

At Transparent Strategies, we have a team of professional content writers trained in producing high-quality content optimized for SEO. Content production can often be one of the more tedious aspects of running an optimized website, but at Transparent Strategies, we can handle all of that work for you.

At Transparent Strategies, we can handle every aspect of improving your website’s SEO. This includes the publishing of high-quality, optimized content and updating it regularly. Content is one of the essential factors to increasing your web page’s visibility, and our trained team of professional writers is here to help you in that regard. Every website should keep a consistent schedule of high-quality content published on its site. The more often this content is regularly updated, the more search engines will consider your content relevant during search results (

Much effort goes into making sure a website is optimized for search engines, not only on the content side but the technical side as well. This can include backlinks that produce organic results, accurate alt tags and metadata, and keyword implementation. Don’t let these factors have a negative impact on your business by ignoring them. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you improve your SEO and grow your business.

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