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At Transparent Strategies, we are well acquainted with the world of video game marketing and the gaming industry as a whole. Many of our employees have worked in the industry before and are familiar with what works and what does not. We only use ethical means of marketing, avoiding spam ads that can often leave a negative impression on the audience. We work tirelessly to ensure that a company’s message is clear and reaches its target audience.

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Services Offered

Web Design

Our team of professional web designers can create a website from the ground up or redesign aspects of an existing website. You deserve a website that you can be proud of, reflecting the effort you put into your work.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the best possible way to increase the visibility of your website and awareness of your business. Whether focusing on national or local awareness, we can create a personalized plan to fit your goals and optimize your website.


While pay-per-click advertising is a fast way to raise your website’s ranking, it can be a costly mistake if your business is not well suited to benefit from the increase in traffic. Unlike other marketing agencies, we only recommend paid advertising options if we believe you will benefit from them.

Social Media

With over half of the world’s adult population actively using social media, an effective social media presence has become a necessary tool in increasing the awareness of businesses.

Content Marketing

Our team of professional content writers will work with you to understand you and your business so that the content can be written in your voice and promote your goals and objectives. Unlike other agencies, we keep all of our content creation in-house to guarantee high-quality work.

Link Building

Link building remains one of the most effective ways to boost your ranking on search engines. Unlike other marketing agencies, we focus on building only high-quality backlink networks to increase the awareness of your company and save you money.

The Importance of Digital Marketing in the Gaming Industry

As time goes on, more and more people are drawn into the world of video games. Although the industry has been overlooked in the past, treated as something for children, many now realize how popular these games are. The gaming industry is as vast and diverse of a community as the target market for any product, and a digital marketing strategy must be designed to compensate for that. Video games are not just for young men. People of every race, gender, sexual orientation, and age group may be avid gamers often overlooked during the marketing process.

The key to video game marketing content. While brand visibility will always be an essential factor, gaming is an incredibly crowded industry. Brand visibility may not be enough to get someone to look further into your game. On the other hand, content is a significant factor in a person’s ability to follow a game. This content could be written by reviewers and critics or include gameplay footage and the use of a game on an influencer’s channel. The video game marketing field is heavily based on the ability of a person to see a game being played in the hopes that they will find something in that gameplay that catches their eye.

The field of marketing relies more heavily on digital trends every single year, and for an industry that is already digital, this reliance is even more pronounced. Digital marketing is the keystone to any video game marketing, with ads in print marketing being long outdated. At Transparent Strategies, we can help companies with their gaming marketing needs and help their product reach the highest number of people possible.

Why Transparent Strategies is the Best Agency for Gaming Marketing

At Transparent Strategies, we take the time to learn about you and your business before building you a unique digital marketing strategy to fit your precise needs. We understand the gaming industry and the effort involved in the work. Our goal is to put the same amount of effort and care into working with you as you do working with your products.

Our ethical digital marketing approach focuses on finding what will work best for you and ignoring the rest, saving you time and money. While other agencies will focus on pitching you on pay-per-click advertising and paid backlinks to raise your search engine rankings, we focus on organic conversion and high-quality content to increase your awareness. We will only pitch ads when it makes economic sense for you.

Our team of professional content writers will take time and care to learn about your business’ message and the goals you want to achieve so that our content can reflect your company’s spirit and voice. If you are interested in learning more about how we can help you increase the awareness of your gaming product, reach out today for a free site audit and consultation.

Use What Works and Leave the Rest!

Set a time a date to get on a call with us to see how we can help you increase your ROI. No stress, no commitment, no contracts. Transparent Strategies has your best interest in mind. A marketing company that focuses on ROI, Transparency, and using what works for your business and leaving the rest. Never let a marketing company talk you into a campaign that doesn’t convert, or wastes your money. We get results and most importantly, you keep the data!