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While SEO is generally used as a broad term for optimizing your content and website to rank higher, several factors play a role in SEO. One of those factors is link building. Link building can be a complex practice but one that is well worth your time as you attempt to increase your business’ visibility through digital marketing. Despite how important link building is for SEO, 94% of all online content goes without a single external link1.

What is Link Building?

Link building is the process of building hyperlinks from other websites to your own. These hyperlinks are commonly referred to as backlinks. While it may seem simplistic as an idea, creating a high-quality network of backlinks is one of the most difficult and complicated aspects of search engine optimization. However, if it is done well, it is well worth the effort.

Compared to older versions of search engines that focused primarily on the content when populating search result pages, Google came up with another method. Google decided that their search algorithm should account for how many other websites link to an article to determine how high it ranks. Their thought process was that the better quality an article has, the more people will use that article as a source of information for their content.

That system is still being used by Google’s algorithm today. The higher-quality system of backlinks an article can build, the higher it will rank on Google’s search result pages when relevant. While link building can be difficult, it remains one of the best ways to see immediate improvement on a website’s ability to rank highly.

How Important is Link Building for SEO?

How Important is Link Building for SEO?

Link building remains one of the best ways for a website to improve its SEO. While Google keeps the specifics of their algorithm secret, they have claimed in the past that link building is one of the top two factors in a website’s ability to rank highly on search result pages2. 

Different types of content are going to have different levels of success in building a system of backlinks. Long-form content, for example, is far more likely to generate backlinks than short articles. Long-form content gets an average of over 77% more links than short pieces3. Additionally, articles explaining “why” and “what” generate more links than “how-to” posts.

When producing content, it is essential to make sure that your content’s quality is up to par. While link building is a complex process, it begins with good content. If your content is full of errors, flawed research, or is unoriginal, no one will want to link to it organically. On the other hand, if your content is well thou

Why is it Important to Use High-Quality Links?

When the original Google algorithm came out, digital marketing experts started finding ways to exploit the power that backlinks could have in a website’s ranking. Systems such as forum backlinks, directory listings, and paid linking services were all ways to build a website’s system of backlinks quickly. However, Google realized that these methods were often irrelevant and negatively altering search results. Google has since tried different strategies to prevent many of these methods from continuing.

The “Google Penguin” algorithm update has placed a heavy emphasis on high-quality backlinks when determining how high a page can rank. This makes many of the paid link options used in the past obsolete. Now, if a business is trying to raise its site’s visibility, it is crucial to make sure that reputable pages are the ones backlinking to its content.

One of the largest factors to consider when examining a link’s quality is a page’s authority score. Every website has a level of authority based on the quality of its content and sources. For example, the website of a news source such as the Washington Post or New York Times will carry a far higher authority score than small blogs that receive little traffic. Therefore, if these larger sites link to a piece of your content, it will have a far more immense impact than if a smaller website did.

How to Build Links for SEO?

How to Build Links for SEO?

Building a high-quality backlinks system for your website can be an incredibly complicated task, especially for those who may not have an in-depth knowledge of search engines and how they work. To make matters worse, many other digital marketing agencies still use low-quality backlinks even though they are no longer as effective. These other agencies do this because it is less work for them, and it increases their profit margin, even though it doesn’t help your business increase its visibility.

At Transparent Strategies, we will only use high-quality backlinks to increase the ranking of your content. We put in the extra time and effort needed to make a real impact on your business. Our method is to build backlinks on high-authority pages such as:

  • Editorial articles
  • Guest blogging articles
  • Business profiles
  • Webinars
  • Comment Sections
  • Relevant and newsworthy press releases

We will also always avoid links such as:

  • Paid backlinks
  • Irrelevant or not newsworthy press release
  • Low-quality or irrelevant directory listings
  • Low-quality forums

We believe in doing things in the right way. Ethical digital marketing methods are our specialty, so you get results that you can feel good about. If you are interested in learning more about how we can help you build a system of backlinks to help increase the visibility of your content, reach out to us today for a free site audit and consultation.

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