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Essential Tips For SEO Friendly Content


Essential Tips For SEO Friendly Content

Essential Tips for SEO Friendly Content

As Google and other search engines continue to enhance their algorithms, content becomes increasingly essential for a site’s ability to rank highly. While content was often put on the back burner of SEO in the past, high-quality content is now at the forefront of search engine optimization.

How to Make SEO Friendly Content?

SEO-friendly content is a term for written content on a website that is designed to be optimized for search engines. This allows a website to become more visible and rank higher on search engine results pages. 

In the past, some digital markets would crowd content with a single keyword or a few key phrases in order to trick a search engine algorithm into ranking the page highly. However, as these algorithms continue to become increasingly advanced, many more aspects now need to be considered when producing optimized content.

Focus on Quality

One of the essential aspects of SEO-friendly content is focusing on the quality of the product. Google’s algorithm increasingly takes the overall quality of the writing into account. This is great for consumers, who will continue to get better results from their search queries. However, this can sometimes be difficult for businesses and digital marketers.

In the past, content may have been produced quickly and in abundance to rapidly increase a site’s visibility. Now, content needs to be planned out, researched, and well-written. If a company or agency does not have a team of professional writers, this can often be one of SEO writing’s most challenging aspects.

Another aspect of this idea is making sure that the content is relevant to the keywords being used and the site itself. A business should post content about themselves, their services, and their industry. Posting about unrelated topics in an effort to rank higher is not an effective strategy.

Make Use of Keyword Research

Before any piece of SEO content is produced, it is vital to participate in keyword research. A writer or business may have an idea for a piece of content, but it will not be effective for SEO if no one is searching for it. An article should be planned out using keywords or phrases commonly searched and not impossible to rank highly in. 

Several online services can help content writers accomplish this. Websites such as SEMrush, Ubersuggest, and AnswerThePublic all track which keywords are being most commonly searched by users. Google even has a free service of their own, called Google Keyword Planner.

Use Headlines and Subheadings Effectively

The importance of headings and subheadings can often be overlooked in SEO content writing. However, both aspects are a crucial part of content writing and do several things to help boost a page’s ranking.

First, it increases the use of keywords in an article in a natural way. By placing keywords in headings and subheadings, you’re increasing the keyword density and getting a boost by having that keyword in headings.

Second, it allows both users and search engine algorithms to find specific sections of your content, which is especially helpful in longer articles. Users will have a better overall experience, and the search engine algorithms will have an easier time understanding the content as it processes the site.

Easy URLs

While relatively basic, URLs are another aspect of SEO content that can be overlooked at times. Keeping a URL short, easy to read, and ensuring it contains a keyword significantly increases the ranking of a site. Also, the easier a URL is to search or remember, the more likely it will be for consumers to return or share the article.

There are a few keys to consider when writing your URL. Every URL should contain at least one keyword or phrase to increase a page’s visibility. URLs should also be somewhat short, about five words or so. When writing a URL it is important to separate words using hyphens and avoid words such as “a”, “an”, and “or”. URLs should also always be kept in lowercase letters, as uppercase can sometimes result in web errors or undesired redirects.

Ensure the Content is Structured Properly

This is directly related to the article’s quality, but every piece of content should utilize proper structure. When working for an already designed site, content should be created to fit the space in question. This means that different length sections should be placed in areas that best optimize the space provided. This includes images and videos as well.

The overall length of the content should also be considered. Based on the type of article and similar content from competitors, Google considers an optimal length during search results. While there is some wiggle room on word count, writing an article that is far too short or far too long can be harmful to a page’s ability to rank.

Add Links and Images

Adding high-quality links and images to your content can significantly improve a page’s ranking. While search engines may not be able to interpret written words within an image, they can analyze the image in relation to the content. By adding relevant images, search engines will consider your content to be higher-quality than imageless content.

Similarly, using relevant links from legitimate sources boosts a page’s ranking as well. The more links content uses, the more search engines consider that content to be valuable and well-researched. However, it is crucial to use high-quality links. If content uses links from disreputable sources or a single source repeatedly, search engines will often penalize the content as a result.

Make Sure the Content is Mobile-Friendly

More and more users browse the internet from their mobile devices. Making sure your website and content can be viewed adequately from a mobile platform is vital. Users will quickly leave any site that does not display accurately when browsing from mobile devices, and over time Google may rank the site lower as a result of these issues.

More than 57% of internet browsing now comes from mobile devices and tablets. While many business sites still primarily focus on the desktop layout of a site, mobile-friendly sites are far better prepared to gain visibility based on modern trends.

Google provides a service called Test My Site that can help businesses test their site’s mobile-readiness. Google analyzes the mobile speed of your and not only shows you the trend your speed is going and how that compares to your competitors and others in your industry.

Keep Your Content is Updated

The work does not necessarily end once the content has been published. Any content-based on figures that can change, such as statistics or current trends, should be updated over time. A piece of content based on current trends may rank highly now but will decrease quickly as the numbers or trends change and become irrelevant. Updating your content when needed is an essential aspect of maintaining a high ranking for specific pages.

Not every page may need to be updated. Some content, specifically content that does not use statistics or mentions that can be outdated, can stay timeless. Still, it is crucial for a company to keep track of their content to ensure that nothing within it causes the content to become irrelevant.

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