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Why Ethical Marketing Methods Matters


Why Ethical Marketing Methods Matters

Why Ethical Marketing Methods Matters

Marketing, especially on digital platforms, is designed to understand consumer trends and use them to drive business growth. Ethical marketing establishes a system of guidelines to grow your business in a “good” way. While different companies may view aspects of ethical marketing differently, generally, ethical marketing techniques focus on social causes, environmental responsibility, and transparency for consumers.

What is Marketing Ethics

Ethics in the marketing industry refers to a thought process that defines how we approach the goals set by a business. Marketing can be done in many different ways depending on the industry and business trends. Ethical marketing focuses on ensuring these approaches are being viewed from a business perspective and a human perspective.

Companies may value aspects of ethical marketing differently. The most common means of ethical marketing focuses on policies of honesty and fairness. This includes anything from being upfront about a product’s production and cost, protecting customer privacy, or ensuring consumer safety. 

It is also imperative to think about communities that may often be taken advantage of or ignored in the marketplace. Suppose your product or service may focus on or apply to groups such as young children or the elderly. In that case, your company has an obligation to ensure that they are being treated fairly in business dealings, as they may not have the voice to object as loudly as others.

Most businesses have a policy of ethics or morals that they feel are representative of their company. However, merely having a list of values is not enough. A business should take those values into account during every decision-making process and any interactions with the general public. An ethical marketing approach is not just a plan but is a new way of thinking about business.

What is the Difference Between White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO

Not all processes of search engine optimization are created equally. While SEO is vital to growing your business, many marketing agencies may implement strategies that will get you results quickly but may result in costly penalties. At Transparent Strategies, we focus on a high-quality, ethical approach to digital marketing that you can feel proud of and will get results.

White Hat SEO

A White Hat SEO approach focuses on following the policies and procedures of search engines such as Google to ensure that the content being produced does not violate their terms and agreements. This process takes longer to show results but allows you never to be concerned about facing costly penalization that can have an immense negative impact on your SEO in the future.

More effort goes into a white hat approach. We make sure your website is built the correct way from the very beginning, with proper meta and H1-H6 tags and valid schema markups on the backend. Most importantly, we verify that all the content on your website has the appropriate keywords and images needed to create organic traffic.

Black Hat SEO

A black hat SEO approach is often implemented by other agencies who care less about our business’ substantial growth and instead focus on a quick turnaround for faster payouts for themselves. Black hat SEO may violate a search engine’s terms and conditions by spamming or buying irrelevant backlinks, stuffing keywords, or using private link networks. 

This approach can often show immediate results, but over time it becomes clear that the actual cost of these unethical practices is too high. Search engines often administer penalties to sites using black hat tactics that could permanently lower how well your website can rank. It also often leads to low-quality traffic, in which more people may click on your site but without affecting your sales.

Why Should You Focus on Ethical Marketing

Ethical marketing should be considered essential for success for a variety of reasons. For starters, being clear and transparent with your customers will help build trust and stronger relationships. Brand loyalty can be a vital tool in growing a business, and there is no better way to increase loyalty among consumers than being honest and upfront with them.

Building a SEO strategy around ethical means and a White Hat approach also helps protect your brand from future changes. Google and other search engines constantly work to make Black Hat methods less effective. If your business builds its entire approach on these unethical methods, even if they are effective in the present, all that work may be for nothing later, and Google implements new changes to their algorithm. With an ethical approach to digital marketing and SEO, the effects will only become even more effective over time as these changes occur.

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With the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing, it can be challenging to navigate the field on your own. At Transparent Strategies, we make sure we are constantly up-to-date on the latest policies and trends across all search platforms and browsers so that we can make sure your marketing strategy is always the best option.

At Transparent Strategies, we have your best interests at heart. We focus on transparent and ethical marketing strategies that are completely catered to your business’s unique needs. Our company is different, and we believe that your marketing strategy should reflect that. Other marketing agencies will use generic “one-size-fits-all” marketing strategies to cut down on time and work they need to invest. We guarantee that we will build a complete plan from the ground up that works best for you. Never let a marketing company talk you into a campaign that doesn’t convert or wastes your money. We get results, and most importantly, you keep the data!

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